Sunday, February 16, 2014


"Above all, be loyal to Jesus Christ, the Savior."

Taken from this (really good) Ensign article:Living a Life of peace, joy and purpose (it does have one triggery part where it says spouses shouldn't keep secrets from each other though, I'm not gonna lie. Ya, tell the hubs.)

"Above all, be loyal to Jesus Christ, the Savior." THAT I can do. Since I found out my whole life was a lie, I haven't really felt much loyalty to my husband, to our wedding vows(no I have not stepped outside the marriage, but I have slightly wondered what it would be like to find someone who could respond to my needs). I have discovered just how non-loyal the hubs really can be, and that stings like a BEAST.  so my knee jerk reaction is just a feeling of non loyalty. I want to go drink and numb the pain (also, something I haven't done), I don't care how it would make my husband feel. I just don't feel loyal. I'm to betrayed and hurt the loyal.

My temple covenants were with God, not him. My promises to live a good, faithful, life were to God, not to the betrayer.  So I CAN hang on.

Above all, I can be loyal to MY Jesus Christ. MY Savior.

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